High Performance Team framework drives increased efficiency and developing a clear reputation for delivering value


An experienced leader of a property development management team based in Hong Kong was experiencing significant growth in workload. Our challenge was to move from managing a team of professionals to leading a high performance team of empowered individuals who could significantly increase their personal and collective capacity to deliver value.


We used the “High Performance Teams” model as a platform for engaging with the team. We designed and delivered a series of interventions to help the team create a new vision, mission and brand  which they owned and could work towards delivering. We then used the High Performance Team framework to work through what they would need in order to deliver this vision and mission. We provided an environment and framework for the team to create values and behaviours that have become their way of working. We also created a series of tools for the team to use on an on-going basis.


An on-going project where the team are already adopting new behaviours and demonstrating their commitment to moving towards. The team has created a brand and reputation for delivering value to their organisation. This is causing a change in the wider organisation through development of high performance teams outside the Development Management Team.

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