Helped Board Director understand the challenge of a new sector and identified a plan to realise benefits of £14m to 28m


The client, an experienced board-level director, had just taken a position within an organisation operating in a sector in which they had little experience. As a result, there was an urgent need for consulting support to help understand the key factors shaping the wider market and the issues affecting the organisation, as well as quickly identifying value adding opportunities for the client.


Clarus Consulting was engaged to conduct a full analysis of the issues affecting both the sector and the organisation, with the aim to deliver both insights and actionable recommendations for performance improvement. The assignment was carried out following a client-based project format, working with internal and external resources through a series of workshops, and was supported by a business case to highlight the size of potential benefits.


The project lasted 4 months and resulted in the identification of potential benefits for the organisation ranging from £14m to £28m, the delivery of which was clearly articulated in a detailed execution plan developed with the support of and buy-in from key client personnel. The client, as well as the board, were also provided with a clear and concise account of the key issues and opportunities for the sector and the organisation.

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