Mobilisation events lead to increased staff morale and clear understanding and engagement around the need for change


The board of a leading UK healthcare company (turnover circa £900m) had decided to accelerate the delivery of a newly defined strategy to turnaround their business.  Faced with a tough business environment and low levels of staff morale, the challenge was how to rapidly mobilise the workforce for the imminent change.  As part of this, the board needed to communicate the future strategic direction of the company and create employee buy-in for the planned business transformation.  In addition, they needed to agree the most optimal solutions to the business issues being faced and design plans that the staff considered realistic to deliver.


Implementing the new strategy involved reorganising the business into new geographic business units and embarking upon a staff rationalisation programme.  Core to the success of this was ensuring all remaining staff bought into the new strategy and felt re-energised by the changes, and that the new ways of working would support the new structure.

Clarus Consulting designed and delivered a series of four Regional Induction events, each with around 120 regional and senior managers from the business.  Each event involved key presentations from the CEO, CFO and other board executives.  They were designed specifically to act as catalysts for change and mobilisation within the organisation.  These events helped employees understand the urgent need for change – or burning platform - whilst drawing out any issues or concerns and beginning to address those with the help of board level executives.  As part of the approach staff were given more information about their new roles and responsibilities, a new market segmentation and sales model, and people management framework. These sessions were interactive, giving staff the chance to provide input into each area, thus creating essential buy-in.  Furthermore, in order to ensure the staff were truly aligned with the new organisational model and were able to ‘hit the ground running’, the events were designed to culminate with a series of 90-day action plans that could be put into effect immediately to drive clear performance improvement across the business.


The Induction events were a resounding success, as evidenced by staff surveys at the end of each event, with 99% of staff understanding and agreeing with the need for change and 98% clearer on their new roles and responsibilities.  The surveys also showed a step-change in positive staff morale post-event and a real enthusiasm to be part of the “new” organisation.  Finally, each event delivered a clear 90-day plan for what was needed to be delivered in the respective regions, along with a responsibility / accountability matrix and what was required in order to make it a success. These plans were then consolidated into an overall 90-day business plan with associated targets for the business against which progress could be communicated to key stakeholders.

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