Failing programme recovered, meeting all regulatory requirements inside the budget against aggressive timescales


Our client, a leading Financial Services company, was faced with the challenging task of turning around an underperforming high profile IT programme that had been running for 12 months with little progress. The programme was originally set up to address new regulatory requirements and was facing some fast approaching critical deadlines. A significant share of the budget had already been spent and there was growing pressure to show a return on the investment made to date.


Clarus Consulting was engaged to lead the programme and ensure that it met its deadlines. In the first instance, there was a need to assess the programme viability and the validity of the work done to date. Once that was established, we re-organised the programme in a joint-team format to leverage client knowledge, achieve greater business buy-in and enable the acceleration of deliverables to meet the set deadlines within the allocated budget.


Using our experience in delivering challenging programmes and managing IT vendors, we quickly established what the essential user requirements were and enabled a first technology release to be delivered on schedule. This first success was then used as a major learning point for future releases, of which there were an additional three within a period of 12 months. The final result was that the client managed to successfully meet all its regulatory requirements within budget and that all the new processes were successfully embedded into their operations.

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