Creating High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams need to be created rather than just expected to form. At Clarus we help teams to go through the cycle from formation through to High Performance.

High Performance Teams tend to be relatively small groups of 8-15 people. An essential starting point is to have a common goal. We work with the team to create a common goal which can be a problem that needs to be resolved, a project objective or corporate or departmental vision. To create the common goal we work with the team to assimilate this.

The characteristics of a high performance team include having a common valuable goal- a performance challenge, understanding of each team members personal goals, team members who are close to each other and are supportive of each other achieving their personal goal as part of the common goal, the use of a consistent processes and approaches, a common set of values, the right skills and competencies within the team both to build the team and also to achieve the goal and finally inspiring and open leadership.

The nature of a High Performance Team means that Leadership can move within different stages towards achieving the performance goal. We then help our clients work through a framework and adopt skills and behaviours that will support their outcomes. The frameworks include:

Tools and approaches

  • for gaining commitment and focus on the common goal
  • generating accountability for both the development of the High Performance Team and also the achievement of the common goal
  • that bring the team together
  • measuring and evaluating and creating performance.

We can help to create a high performance team either as a standalone activity and also as an inherent part of our Transformation approach

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