Organisational Engagement

Over our many years of successful change leadership experience, Clarus Consulting has developed a deep understanding that informs our tried and tested approach to mobilising the whole organisation in support of the change programme.

We know that engaging the organisation from the start is fundamental to success in transformational change.

We bring an approach that works with and listens to staff at all levels. This begins even as the business issues are being distilled and tested, and continues through the design of any change programme, testing and refining designed solutions to the implementation and embedding of all aspects of the change.

Our approach aligns the understanding of the issues from top to bottom and then connects the corporate vision and strategic intent to the behaviour and working processes required throughout the organisation.

We advocate and support continuous two way communication tailored to and delivered for the individual audiences affected by the intended change.

To this end, all of our change management and leadership tools have this thinking woven into them. From the highly engaging process mapping tools, to our vision engineering methodology, we are always seeking to optimise engagement, alignment and mobilisiation.

Our experience shows that only by a total commitment to organisational engagement can you truly mobilise everyone in pursuit of your goals.

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