Process Reengineering

We are very experienced in the design and improvement of business processes to maximise effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance customer experience. Central to our approach is determining who needs to be involved from the client organisation and at what stage, to ensure that relevant experience and ideas for improvement are built into process designs (and also this involvement is key in overcoming inevitable resistance to change). Facilitation of time efficient workshops, involving key stakeholders, is therefore a key part of our approach to process design and improvement. We introduce best practices and  ensure that the ‘voice of the customer’ is captured in the design process. Visual representations (on wall charts) are used as a highly effective means of ensuring that input is maximised and that sign-offs are done on an informed basis as we move from ‘as is’ to ‘could be’ and then ‘to be’ designs.

Frequently, the approach we take (using lean principles) will be continued within an organisation as a means to ‘continually improve how we do things’…. Mechanisms to facilitate continuous improvement are essential for most organisations that are in fast moving environments where customer and regulatory demands are ever changing and demands for reduced costs and delivering excellent service are ever increasing. We therefore try to make process reengineering an exciting and worthwhile experience which employees want to be engaged in; something which leads to real demonstrable improvements for employees and customers, and an approach which can drive a culture of improvement and success.

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