Organisational Design

This is the conscious design and building of the architecture of the organisation to enable it to meet its performance requirements and sustain its competitive advantage. As such, it has four main objectives:

  • To support the strategy of the organisation
  • To facilitate the flow of information
  • To achieve effective co-ordination/integration
  • To improve organisational productivity and profitability

The design of an organisation has a direct impact on business performance and must therefore consider its structure, capabilities, processes and roles and responsibilities. Creating an organisational structure is one of the toughest and the most politically challenging tasks an executive will face.

Critically, it is not possible to realise the full potential of all these elements without true leadership and support.

With our experience we can guide and support senior executives and client organisations in developing the most appropriate structure for unlocking value, whether it’s related to a governance issue, an operating model redesign or generating a change of focus.  The end result, in addition to an increase in business performance, is often a reinvigorated workforce with people more easily able to unlock their true potential.

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