Programme Set Up & Delivery

Our Consultants have many years of experience in setting up and in running successful Programmes, whether they are company wide change programmes or more specific ‘issue-based’ projects and programmes. Key to success is an effective period of preparation for programme start-up. Although this will vary depending on the nature of the issue(s) and client, there are a number of things which we will rigorously (and quickly) focus on at the outset, including:

  • ensuring scope and objectives are clearly defined and agreed;
  • ensuring that stakeholders’ interests are fully understood and that this group is mostly aligned;
  • there are effective governance mechanisms;
  • an agreed plan which has clear deliverables;
  • a business case;
  • appropriate resourcing;
  • a communications and engagement plan;
  • an effective team ‘onboarding’ process;
  • and a regular mechanism of review to ensure that issues are promptly exposed and actioned upon.

It is important to not only focus on these ‘rational’ aspects of Programme Delivery, but also on the emotional and political aspects of change, as these are often ignored and frequently the reason for programmes running into timing, cost or sustainability issues.

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