Strategy Enablement

Clarus Consulting understands the importance of creating the right long, medium and short term strategies to enable clients to gain competitive advantage and increase the profitability of their organisations. We believe that there are two distinct stages to any strategy: development and alignment. The former is no good without the latter and vice versa. It is essential that a client’s organisation is aligned and mobilised around its strategy in both in words and actions and this is demonstrated consistently by the executive team. This top-down alignment is critical to ensure organisational ownership and to deliver the strategy effectively and rapidly. Furthermore, the organisation needs to ensure there is the capability to adapt and evolve its strategy over time.

Our view of Strategy Development is simple: strategy is about generating and applying business insight for our clients, not about following any formulaic or rigid process to create it. That said, we adopt a rigorous, fact-based approach to building strategic insights for our clients. Key to any such strategy formulation is asking the right questions to understand our client’s unique strategic position and how that is changing over time.

Clarus Consutling’s approach to and experience in Strategy Enablement will ensure you have a clear picture of your company’s strategic position and options for gaining competitive advantage.  Moreover, our emphasis on execution of any such strategic plan and not just producing a report, ensures your company can successfully implement its strategy.

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